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Education: Tina believes that every child deserves a high quality education.

From early learning to secondary education, Tina remains committed to providing access to a quality education for all. Understanding the importance of early learning on child development, she works hard to promote policies that protect and expand early learning programs. Tina went to Olympia to fully fund education and has advocated for budgets that retain funding for early learning, K-12 and higher education.

Tina is a strong supporter of STEAM, science, technology, engineering, arts and math, and has promoted best practice programs including Aviation High School.  We need our students to obtain the skills need to be able to compete for jobs in our area.  Also, Tina sponsored legislation that made the process for high school students to earn an International Baccalaureate more efficient and affordable to encourage students to participate in this program. She passed legislation to address truancy issues to expand resources to better support students and their families to keep kids in school.

Jobs: Tina is committed to helping our local economy.

Tina knows strong local economies are the backbone of our state. Tina has been an active supporter of legislation and public policy to expand jobs and transportation infrastructure to local businesses in South King County. To help workers and consumers reach their destinations, Tina advocates for long term funding solutions promoting mass transit in South King County.

Tina supports public education at all levels to make sure our students are receiving quality education capable of preparing them for future professional opportunity. This includes STEM, funding apprenticeship and other workforce training programs, to give local workers the training they need to fill high quality living wage jobs. South King County is home to many companies offering highly technical jobs and Tina wants local workers to be qualified for those jobs.

Affordable Housing: Tina has been advocating for homeowners and tenants.

One of the most important things we can do to stabilize the economy is to stabilize the housing market.  Tina has sponsored and passed the Foreclosure Fairness Act, to ensure that every homeowner has a fair and transparent process to ensure that all options have been explored so that they can stay in their homes whenever possible.  For those that cannot keep their homes, it helps them make the next transition.  This new law, one of the strongest in the country, has helped thousands of homeowners throughout our state.

Tina believes everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. She is a strong supporter of the Housing Trust Fund to create affordable housing for those most in need.  Prior to becoming a legislator, Tina worked as the Washington State Taking Health Care Home Coordinator where she helped set up the funders group which consists of public and private partners that that have developed over 1,000 units of housing for homeless families, people with disabilities, and veterans.

Military and Veterans: Tina supports our troops.

 Our service members and their families have made enormous sacrifices for our country and deserve our support in their transition back home.  Tina works hard to support veterans.  She serves on the Joint Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs and she sponsored legislation that requires further suicide assessment and treatment training by health professionals, including those who work with military members.  The new training requirement will ensure that mental health professionals know the best practices to recognize suicide warning signs and interventions.
Tina also sponsored legislation to help counties streamline services for veterans and their families who lives in communities across our state.

Health Care: Everyone deserves quality and affordable health care.

Tina believes all adults and children should have access to health care including mental health, chemical dependency services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities. She is thrilled that thousands of people in our state will qualify under the Federal Health Plan to receive care in 2014.  Tina’s extensive background working within human service organizations at multiple levels gives her a comprehensive perspective to effectively shape public policy in Washington.  She has shown unwavering commitment to providing resources to Washington’s most vulnerable individuals.

Environment: Tina believes everyone deserves a healthy place to call home.

South King County is a beautiful place to call home and Tina wants to keep it that way. She believes that all families deserve a healthy Puget Sound, both now and for future generations.  Tina supports the work her colleagues are doing to keep communities and children healthy in South King County. Tina voted in support of the Toxic Free Kids Act, which will ban certain toxic chemicals used in children’s products and supports finding more energy efficient methods to produce goods and services.

Social Justice: Tina is committed to equality and fairness.

Tina’s background in social work and human services has only increased her commitment to social justice issues. Her priorities are to improve the quality of life of the individuals and families that live and work in her district, and Washington state.

Tina is passionate about protecting victims of commercial sexual exploitation, which are overwhelmingly women and children. Law enforcement have stated that SeaTac has one of the highest rates of child trafficking in the United States.  The surrounding areas also share this tragic issue where many young women are sold into the commercial sex industry.  The average age of entry is 13 and many of these young women are runaways or have been recruited from local schools.  This year the legislature passed 12 new laws in this area.  Tina sponsored one of these bills.  As a result of her work, the fines for users or Johns will increase from $150.00 to $1,500, first time users will be diverted to “John Schools” where they will learn the risk and impact of their behavior, and services will be expanded to help these young victims transition out of the sex industry.  Tina works closely with our local law enforcement officers to make sure they have the resources they need to combat these issues in our area including reducing the impact of the commercial sex industry and helping young victims rebuild their lives.

Additionally, Tina is deeply concerned about the repercussions individuals who have been wrongly convicted of crimes face when exiting the prison system. When DNA evidence does exonerate an individual, they may have already spent years in prison, putting them at a great disadvantage upon re-entry into society, including years spent without a job, missed family memories, and mental and physical health issues. Washington State does not provide compensation to those who are incarcerated and subsequently exonerated of the crime and released. Tina wants to change this. She sponsored a bill during both the 2011 and 2012  legislative sessions that would provide monetary and restorative compensation to individuals exonerated in Washington State. Tina has tirelessly worked to advocate for resources for these individuals and their families to assist with the loss of time and money while wrongfully imprisoned. See Seattle Weekly’s blog post about Tina’s Wrongful Conviction bill.