These are unprecedented times we are living in. Our world has changed so much in such a short period of time. This has been stressful for all of us. My heart breaks for those families that have been deeply impacted by this pandemic. This is a critical time to come together to support struggling families and businesses. We will get through this together.

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It is such an honor to represent you in Olympia

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As the Washington State Representative for the 33rd District, Tina makes real progress

Building healthy communities

  • Coordinate with local and federal agencies to address coronavirus pandemic to support families
  • Expand suicide prevention and access to behavioral health services
  • Address airport noise and air quality issues including understanding impact and potential mitigation
  • Expand resources to address homelessness and housing affordability

Ensuring opportunities for all

  • Support families and businesses impacted by COVID-19
  • Ensure that every student has a quality education and a path to be successful
  • Expand career pathways including apprenticeships / internships.
  • Expanding language access so all families can be part of their child’s education

Strengthening Public Safety

  • Ensuring every sexual assault kit is tested so survivors can seek justice and law enforcement has the tools to catch serial rapists.
  • Combating human trafficking to help victims/survivors of sex trafficking to rebuild their lives and giving law enforcement resources to go after those who exploit children.

Expanding Consumer Protection

  • Strengthening foreclosure prevention to help families stay in their homes
  • Protecting homeowners from predatory contractors
  • Helping those struggling with student loan debt
  • Coordinate with the unions and businesses to expand worker safety training

We have more work to be done. By working together we can tackle the most complex issues our community faces

About Tina Orwall

The Washington State House of Representatives convenes for floor session February 17th, 2016, the 38th day of the Legislative Session.

Tina is proud to represent our community in Olympia and work on issues that improve the lives of people living in South King County. She has been involved in the schools from PTSA and to School Levy work. She is a proud mom. Her children graduated from MRHS. Her daughter is obtaining her Masters in Education at UW. Her son is an IBEW member and in his third year in his apprenticeship to become a commercial electrician. She has a Master’s of Social Work in administration from the University of Washington in 1991.

Tina is committed to making sure all residents in her district have a voice down in Olympia, believing strongly in transparency between government and constituents. Tina enjoys tackling some of our most complex issues and helping to find solutions such as strengthening our foreclosure laws, suicide prevention, stopping child trafficking, strengthening public safety, and ensuring that all children receive a quality education.

She currently is the Speaker Pro Tempore and serves on the following committees: Finance; Judiciary; Public Safety; Rules; co-chair Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations (SAFE) Best Practices Task Force, co-chair NCSL Military and Veterans Task Force, and a member of Committee of the Joint Veterans and Military Affairs.

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