These are unprecedented times we are living in. The status quo is shattered and our lives are forever changed. My deepest condolences to the families that have been severely impacted by this pandemic.

During this time of profound vulnerability and isolation, we have become witness to the brutal death of George Floyd. This event struck a nerve so deep in our nation’s soul, and erupted in an acute response to centuries of pain and suffering for people of color, especially the black community. Black Lives Matter. I am so proud of everyone who has gone to the streets and peacefully made their voices heard. As an elected official, I see you. I hear you and I appreciate your best efforts to stay safe during this pandemic.

I am working on these issues with community leaders of color and our local police chiefs who want to be a part of needed reforms as we move forward. Let’s all come together to enact the change required to build a more just future with everyone at the table. Keep using your voice, I am listening.

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It is such an honor to serve you in Olympia.

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As the Washington State Representative for the 33rd District, Tina makes real progress on the concerns voiced by her community.

Building healthy communities

  • Assisting families impacted by the coronavirus, and addressing the disproportionate affects in communities of color
  • Expanding suicide prevention and access to behavioral health services
  • Addressing airport noise and air quality issues including ways to mitigate the impact
  • Expanding resources to address homelessness and housing affordability

Expanding opportunities

  • Supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19 and promoting and worker safety
  • Ensuring that every student has a quality education and a path to success
  • Expanding career pathways including apprenticeships/ internships in the community
  • Increasing language access so all families can be part of their child’s education

Strengthening Public Safety

  • Ensuring every sexual assault kit is tested so survivors can seek justice and law enforcement has the tools to catch serial rapists
  • Providing restitution for people who are wrongfully convicted, working to abolish the death penalty and strengthening police training / accountability
  • Combating human trafficking to help victims/survivors rebuild their lives and give law enforcement the tools to go after those who exploit children

Expanding Consumer Protection

  • Strengthening foreclosure prevention to help families stay in their homes
  • Protecting consumers from predatory contractors who do substandard or incomplete work
  • Helping those struggling with student loan debt
  • Offering military personnel loan and debt supports to protect their families while on active duty

We have more work to be done. By working together we can tackle the most complex issues our community faces